The Dance Program

Established in 2010, Motivating Excellence is a professional dance-training program that is geared to the commercial dancer. Created by Artistic Director/ Choreographer Rhapsody James, M.E. provides students with the skills and knowledge to become the ultimate commercial dancer in the entertainment industry. Through intense class training and professional seminars, M.E. is dedicated to defining the discipline in commercial dance.


Motivating Excellence is also the first professional dance training program catered specifically to the commercial dancer. This program is set to be the pre-requisite for dancers aspiring to be in the entertainment business. Motivating Excellence provides intense training classes in Performance, Staging Techniques, Partnering Techniques, Props, Floor Work, Street Jazz and Commercial Hip Hop.  Alternative classes and Seminars such as Ballet and Jazz for the Commercial dancer, Image Consulting, and Auditions Workshops are also provided. Classes are taught by professional choreographers and teachers with emphasis on etiquette and discipline. Students are challenged to go beyond their normal expectation and strive to motivate their excellence.

The Hybrid Dance Company

Rhapsody En Dance (R.ED), a hybrid, bi-coastal dance company was established 2012 in New York, NY by artistic director and choreographer Rhapsody James. R.ED boldly makes a statement as a ‘company in motion’ shattering boundaries between concert and commercial dance.  R.ED successfully fuses hip hop, jazz, classical and contemporary styles of dance into one style creating energetic, cutting edge, revelatory and soulful themes  that are ‘unleashed’ onto the dance stage. Without question Rhapsody James, creator of NY’s Broadway Dance Center’s ‘street jazz’ dance style, has developed a ‘new genre’ of dance for the professional stage. At the forefront of delivering spectacular technique and masterful performances R. ED reflects Ms. James’ exquisite artistry, deliberate purpose and memorable execution. R.ED the dance company aims to captivate and illuminate the dancer’s inner purpose. 

The Interactive Show

After recently finding out how the company she has dedicated her life to is the same company that killed her family, Onyx - former top female CIA Agent decides to establish her own lethal squad of specially trained females called SIREN ASSASSINS. With only divide and conquer on her mind, Onyx will send theses woman on detailed missions that will lead to the destruction of Vector 67, Built to kill with a kiss, SIRENS ASSASSINS are sexy,  highly skilled and fueled by the most dangerous thing of them all… a WOMANS SCORN. 

Established in 2008, Siren Assassins (not your average femme fatale show) proved to be a show not to be missed after SOLD OUT shows in New York City & Los Angeles. Now in 2016, Siren Assassin is bigger, badder and more dangerous than ever. Breaking the traditional laws of burlesque...suspenseful and sultry, witty and wicked. Siren Assassins is DANCE…TO DIE FOR! 

The Immersive Show

When night falls, lurking in the darkness lies a sisterhood that is unbreakable. A common bond that yet remains to be untold, these daunting sisters hold a sin so dark that they cry and bleed the color black.  Women fear them and men are attracted to them. One touch from these woman can send a man into a seductive paralasysis. Many people here in Opal City think that these ladies are evil, but evil they are not! They just hold the darketst secret known to man and will stop and nothing to protect it. In the past many have tried to uncover the secret of the sisters who live in the shadows, but all have often come up short.

Established in 2013 and premiered in 2014, Sin Sisters of Darkness is Rhapsody James latest creation. Bringing  the comic book to life, this dark tale will have you turning the pages in to this world of sin.


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