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Rhapsody Creative


Developed & Created by Rhapsody James, OCU is a creative universe that takes place in the dystopia of Opal City. OCU  is a world of choreography and storyline that serves as a visual representation of women’s empowerment. It’s a psychological journey of women manifested in the physical. As the sinful sisterhood  of Blackhouse Manor is reborn and the vengeful  killing squad Siren Assassins emerge, Opal City will soon become a representation of the vindication of  women scorned.

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Rhapsody En Dance (R.ED), a hybrid, bi-coastal dance company was established 2012 in New York City. Shattering boundaries between concert and commercial dance, R.ED successfully fuses hip hop, jazz, and contemporary styles of dance into one style creating energetic, cutting edge, revelatory and soulful themes that are ‘unleashed’ onto the dance stage. R.ED aims to captivate and illuminate the stories of inner purpose & creativity. 

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Purposely set in an all white daylight warehouse, RCW Studio Sessions celebrates  the  'Authentic Vibes Only' choreography style of  Rhapsody James.  Built to simply have fun and create to the songs she loves, this movement  series is sure to bring color, bold energy and great vibes your social media video screen.  

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